Physics Experiments Using PCs

Physics Experiments Using PCs

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Physics practical classes form an important part of many scientific and technical courses in higher education. In addition to the older standard experiments, such practicals now generally include a few computer-controlled experiments developed in association with the research groups active in the particular university or college. Since there is relatively little exchange of information between the teaching staff of different institutes, the personal computer, despite its ubiquity, is underexploited in this role as a teaching aid. The present book provides a detailed description of a number of computer-controlled experiments suitable for practical classes. Both the relevant physics and the computational techniques are presented in a form that enables the readers to construct and/or perform the experiment themselves.... operational coma#39;a#39; P# ampaquot; output to converter computer Pa€”O Ser VOpotentiometer (1OK, 10 turn) (b) 1OOnF | output to computer O +12V ... (b) Electronics showing the amplifier circuit. (c) Electronics showing the H-bridge switch to drive the motor 7.4 Conclusion This chapter deals with a computer- controlled experiment to.

Title:Physics Experiments Using PCs
Author:H.M. Staudenmaier
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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