Physics, Fun and Beyond

Physics, Fun and Beyond

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Curious people of all ages, teachers, and students will love this unique book. With many hands-on experiments based on simple items such as balloons, mirrors, and flashlights, a focus on creativity, perception, and innovation, this open-ended book covers a wide range of topics, from everyday phenomena to cutting-edge technology demonstrated in the kitchen. In a recent editorial in Chemical and Engineering News, Dick Zare clearly stated that our aspirations should be 'to give each student the opportunity to explore and to pursue the answers to open-ended questions . . . Let's work harder to avoid telling students too much about everything, and instead encourage them to become independent thinkers.' This book will help the reader to become that independent thinker.Fold 1/4 in (0.5 cm) of the border of the triangles (see figure) and attach them to the rocketa#39;s body at the places indicated. The fins can be positioned either vertically or slightly tilted (around 20Ad). To launch the rocket, just put the bottle on theanbsp;...

Title:Physics, Fun and Beyond
Publisher:Prentice-Hall PTR - 2006


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