Physiologic Autoimmunity and Preventive Medicine

Physiologic Autoimmunity and Preventive Medicine

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The immune system is a natural component, regulator and direct participant in the physiological activities in a healthy body. A considerable number of immune functions, including those related to antimicrobial defense, derive from autoclearance as well as construction and support of multicellularity. Various pathological processes in any organ are usually accompanied by different patterns of cell death and, thus, by increased exposure and presentation of self antigens. These events induce the secondary rise in production of autoantibodies with appropriate specificity (opsonins), which provides augmentation of clearance by facilitating the efficacy of macrophage-dependent consumption of debris in the affected organ. Secondary changes in production and serum content of autoantibodies can be considered the universal and earliest detectable marker of any chronic disease. Experimental and clinical production antibodies reveal antibodies against nuclear antigens, which penetrate into living cell nuclei and alter nuclear acid synthesis, cell proliferation and function. Autoantibodies can thus be regarded as hormone-like bioregulators of gene expression. The immune system is apparently able to reproduce complementary regulators for various cell receptors, including nuclear ones. The book focuses on physiological autoimmunity models and delves into the relation between autoimmunity and autoallergy in the context of disease prevention and prediction. The E-book is a unique and comprehensive monograph and includes a history and contemporary research on natural autoimmunity - a fundamental concept essential for many branches of medicine and pathology. The concepts described in this e-book also have broad practical implications for the healthcare sector, because it establishes effective method of early prediction for many different diseases and creates a basis for prophylaxis. The reference gives medical and clinical professionals a chance to revisit old dogmas and acquire fruitful perspectives for theoretical reasoning and research planning.Antibodies and regulation of body functions. Kyiv, Naukova dumka, 1986. ... [in Russian] Klemparskaya NN, Shala#39;nova GA. Normal autoantibodies as ... In: Manual in Pathological Physiology. Volume I. Moscow, Meditsina, 1966; pp. 430 a€”449.

Title:Physiologic Autoimmunity and Preventive Medicine
Author:Alexander B. Poletaev
Publisher:Bentham Science Publishers - 2013-06-03


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