PIC Basic Projects

PIC Basic Projects

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Covering the PIC BASIC and PIC BASIC PRO compilers, PIC Basic Projects provides an easy-to-use toolkit for developing applications with PIC BASIC. Numerous simple projects give clear and concrete examples of how PIC BASIC can be used to develop electronics applications, while larger and more advanced projects describe program operation in detail and give useful insights into developing more involved microcontroller applications. Including new and dynamic models of the PIC microcontroller, such as the PIC16F627, PIC16F628, PIC16F629 and PIC12F627, PIC Basic Projects is a thoroughly practical, hands-on introduction to PIC BASIC for the hobbyist, student and electronics design engineer. * Packed with simple and advanced projects which show how to program a variety of interesting electronic applications using PIC BASIC * Covers the new and powerful PIC16F627, 16F628, PIC16F629 and the PIC12F627 models * The companion website includes program source files, HEX code, data sheets of devices, sensors and schematics of the circuits used in the bookHigher current load interface The circuits given in Figures 2.26 and 2.27 work fine for an LED, or for any other device whose current requirement is less than 25 mA. ... The answer is that we have to use a switching device, e.g. a transistor or a relay. ... in current sink mode Figure 2.28 shows how we can drive a small lamp from our port pin using a bipolar transistor. ... related to the PIC supply voltage and while the PIC is operating from 5 V, the lamp can be operated from a 12V supply.

Title:PIC Basic Projects
Author:Dogan Ibrahim
Publisher:Newnes - 2011-02-24


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