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More than 150 titles in Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals series offer basic advice and instruction on housing, feeding, protection against disease and parasites, and caring for pets of every imaginable kind. All books are heavily illustrated with color photos and instructive line art. Here is everything bird fanciers need to know about keeping pigeons, including feeding, housing, protection against parasites, general health care, and breeding. There is also information on various members of the pigeon family, and on breeding pigeons for racing.The germ inside the egg will stay completely viable for the few hours until the next egg is ... There is no guarantee, but one trick is to dip a Q-tip in baby oil, gently insert it into the cloaca, and gently spread the oil around the egg, being absolutely careful not to ... A deficiency of calcium (grit) over a long period may cause the same problem. ... Nest. (or. Brooding). Brooding is not equally shared, since the hen does most of it. Should she have to leave the nest, the cock assumes the duties.

Author:Matthew M. Vriends, Tommy Erskine, Tommy E. Erskine
Publisher:Barron's Educational Series - 2005


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