Pilates Babel

Pilates Babel

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The novel q Pilates Babel q is a fictional account of a very real event that took place in an historical period in mankind's distant past. Although the original Babel separated mankind in speech, thought and cultural relations, the Babel referred to in qPilates Babelq poses the unique question; what if man had not been judged to love evil more than God and that man could only ruminate on evil continuously. How would one universal language as a result of this non-judgment affect the historical outcome of man's destiny? qPilates Babelq attempts to tackle this question in our modern times. The book presumes we all know the answer to the posited question.While Pilates was deep in thought observing and experiencing the new sensations he got from the vibes of a different type of machine, he forgot the ... he kept in his repair kit and bound his wound tautly. ... He was relieved that Archer had a hardwood floor in that particular room. ... He pulled out his volt ammeter and placed jumper cables on signet point A and signet point B. He scratched his head slightly.

Title:Pilates Babel
Author:Lewis Dowell Jr
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-11


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