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qFreedom is not free; it must be taken!q This is the mantra of qPIPER'S, Inc.q a conspiracy thriller centered on a secret society that is dramatically and horrifically changing the landscape of American life. Through the methodical liquidation of corrupt politicians, lawmakers, judges, law enforcement, financial CEOs, and the elite oligarchs whose whims manipulate American life, the institution is bringing a bloody wake-up call to society. Waiting for social change and economic prosperity will no longer tolerated; they will be forced through the systematic assassination of those at the top who offer only the meager drippings of the good life to those at the bottom. At the center of the organization is 'Temujin, ' an ex-Black Ops commander who's had enough of the greed, abuse and self-serving machinations of the U.S. and local governments. Leading a massive unit of hand-picked special warfare assassins, he's out to change the nation, and restore the meaning of the 'American Dream.' Mysteriously and gruesomely, members of Congress, state departments, Supreme Courts, law firms, financial giants, and police precincts are eliminated-with specific messages attached to their bodies. One by one the pillars of society fall as fear mounts to pandemic heights. qPIPER'S, Inc.q is now the scourge of corruption and social inequality. The nation has a new Big Brother. . .and surprisingly, the nation is liking it! Slowly emerging as a mysterious folk hero, Temujin promises there will be more blood and bodies, leading all the way up to the White House door if need be. . .until CHANGE FOR ALL citizens is realized.champagne into crystal flutes and handed them to each person at the glass table. It was a tradition of hers to seal the deal with a toast, a very much celebrated honor to her clients who knew that they would soon be receiving a massive windfallanbsp;...

Title:PIPER'S, Inc.
Author:Joaquin De Torres
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2015-05-05


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