Plague Ports

Plague Ports

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The Assemblies of God (AG) is the ninth largest American and the worlda€™s largest Pentecostal denomination, with over 50 million followers worldwide. The AG embraces a worldview of miracles and mystery that makesa€œsupernaturala€ experiences, such as speaking in tongues, healing, and prophecy, normal for Christian believers. Ever since it first organized in 1916, however, the a€œcharismataa€ or a€œgifts of the Holy Spirita€ have felt tension from institutional forces. Over the decades, vital charismatic experiences have been increasingly tamed by rituals, doctrine, and denominational structure. Yet the path towards institutionalization has not been clear-cut. New revivals and direct personal experience of Goda€”the hallmarks of Pentecostalisma€”continue as an important part of the AG tradition, particularly in the growing number of ethnic congregations in the United States. The Assemblies of God draws on fresh, up-to-date research including quantitative surveys and interviews from twenty-two diverse Assemblies of God congregations to offer a new sociological portrait of the AG for the new millennium. The authors suggest that there is indeed a potential revitalization of the movement in the works within the context of the larger global Pentecostal upswing, and that this revitalization may be spurred by what the authors call a€œgodly love:a€ the dynamic interaction between divine and human love that enlivens and expands benevolence. The volume provides a wealth of data about how the second-largest American Pentecostal denomination sees itself today, and suggests trends to illuminate where it is headed in the future.Part 2 takes us to Hong Kong in 1984 and then Bombay (now Mumbai) in 1896; part 3 brings plague to the doors of ... The introduction in part 1 addresses three basic questions and suggests answers: What was bubonic plague, why did itanbsp;...

Title:Plague Ports
Author:Myron Echenberg
Publisher:NYU Press - 2007-01-08


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