Plan B: Volume IV

Plan B: Volume IV

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Taking something away from others a€” their possessions, their dignity, their liberty, their lives a€” is the root of taboo. All the stories in this, the fourth collection of tales from Plan B Magazine, touch on what happens when people put their will above that of others. Sometimes ita€™s amusing, other times heartbreaking, but it no matter what, someonea€™s day wona€™t be going according to plan. Table of Contents a€œOld Friendsa€ by Frank Byrns a€œWrite Your Epitapha€ by Laird Long a€œAn Unexpected Invitationa€ by Daniel Marshall Wood a€œBad Johna€ by Adam Howe a€œDeath by Fictiona€ by J. M. Vogel a€œThe Chunka€ by Michael McGlade a€œThe Basementa€ by MJ Gardner a€œThe Bulldog Ant is Not a Team Playera€ by Dan Stout a€œThe Mystery of the Missing Puskata€ by Lavie Tidhar a€œOther Wishesa€ by Richard Zwicker a€œAfterwardsa€ by Jeff Poole a€œThe Worlda€™s Best Coffeea€ by C. D. Reimer a€œZero Sum Gamea€ by Doug J. Blacka€œOh, that would never do. Dimple is too proud. It would kill her not to work until shea#39;s dead.a€ a€œSuch a way with words, my dear.a€ a€œNo ... Our twin hosts said they had done exactly that a€” invited strangers to a dinner party.a€ a€œI must have missed thatanbsp;...

Title:Plan B: Volume IV
Author:Frank Byrnes, Laird Long, Daniel Marshall Wood, Adam Howe, J. M. Vogel, Michael McGlade, MJ Gardner, Dan Stout, Lavie Tidhar, Richard Zwicker, Jeff Poole, C. D. Reimer, Doug J. Black
Publisher:in potentia press - 2014-05-20


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