Planetary Overload

Planetary Overload

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The human species faces many threats to its health - perhaps to its survival. Taking an interesting perspective, Planetary Overload forcefully points out the consequences to human health of ongoing degradation of Earth's ecosystems. In a broad-based, accessible analysis, A. J. McMichael examines ecological disruptions - land degradation, ozone depletion, temperature increases, and loss of genetic diversity through the extinction of species, among others - and compellingly demonstrates their potentially disastrous results, including food shortages, new and intensified disease patterns, rising seas, mass refugee problems, and cancers, blindness, and immune suppression from increased ultraviolet radiation. While other books on the subject analyse only the environmental impact of these problems, McMichael relates each of these insidious processes back to its ultimate impact on human health. He thoroughly considers these problems within a broad evolutionary, biological, social, and economic context, and also explores the underlying problems contributing to environmental breakdown, especially the relations between the world's rich and poor. This book will be of interest to environmentalists, public health professionals, policy makers, environmental studies and human ecology scholars, and anyone wishing a lucid, rational assessment of today's pressing ecological concerns.First, how is it that the configuration of chemical, physical and thermal circumstances of Eartha#39;s biosphere are so different from ... 30%, and yet the Earth has maintained a relatively constant temperature in contrast to the effect that an increase in external temperature ... Other planets do not have free oxygen in their atmosphere, and neither did Earth before the appearance of photosynthesising plants.

Title:Planetary Overload
Author:Anthony J. McMichael
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1993-10-07


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