Plant Breeding Reviews, Plant Breeding Reviews

Plant Breeding Reviews, Plant Breeding Reviews

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Plant Breeding Reviews 38 Table of Contents 1. Daniel Zohary: Geneticist and Explorer of Plant Domestication Giora Simchen 2. The Use of Association Genetics Approaches in Plant Breeding MarAsa F. Alvare, Teresa Mosquera, and Matthew W. Blair 3. Epigenetics Connects the Genome to its Environment Ray A. Bressan, Jian-Kang Zhu, Michael J. Van Oosten, Hans J. Bohnert, Viswanathan Chinnusamy, and Albino Maggio 4. Peanuts Improvement for Human Health Sangam Dwivedi, Naveen Puppala, Soheila Maleki, Peggy Ozias-Akins, and Rodomiro Ortiz 5. Rice Breeding in Latin America CAcsar P. MartAsnez, Edgar Torres, Marc ChActel, Gloria Mosquera, Jorge Duitama, Manabu Ishitani, Michael Selvaraj, Beata Dedicova, Joe Tohme, CAccile Grenier, Mathias Lorieux. Maribel Cruz, Luis BerrAso, Edgar Corredor, Gonzalo Zorrilla de San Martin, Flavio Breseghello, Orlando Peixoto, Jose Manoel Colombari Filho, Adriano Castro, Sergio IraAsu Gindri Lopes, Mara Barbosa, Gustavo Rodrigo Daltrozzo Funck, Pedro Blanco, Fernando PAcrez de Vida, Federico Molina, Juan Rosas, SebastiAin MartAsnez, Victoria Bonnecarrere, Silvia Garaycochea, Gonzalo Carracelas, Alfredo Marin, Fernando Correa, and Ismael CamargoMenkir, A., W. Liu, W.S. White, B. Maziya-Dixon, and T. Rocheford. 2008. ... Plant analysis handbook: A practical sampling, preparation, and interpretation guide. Micro Macro Publ. ... 2009. High potential of a transposon mPing as a marker system in japonica x japonica cross in rice. DNA Res. 16:131a€“140. ... Immunology in the Clinic Review Series; focus on allergies: Immunotherapy for food allergy. Clin.

Title:Plant Breeding Reviews, Plant Breeding Reviews
Author:Jules Janick
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2014-11-12


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