Plant Life

Plant Life

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Everyone who has ever worked for a living can relate to PLANT LIFE. This work of fiction is about the perseverance of a middle-aged 'Yankee' woman trying to survive in the 'south' working in what is considered a man's occupation. Marie Martin's training in mechanical and plant maintenance should have helped her find a job anywhere. When Three Mile Island reopened after a near meltdown, Marie decide it was time to move to a safer place with the line of dogs she was developing. Marie's long range goal was to become a writer. An old friend, who now lived in Georgia, encouraged her to move there. Marie had planned to retire in a milder climate; she figured that as long as she was moving anyway, she should make the move south now. Her friend told her everything about the area that she thought Marie would like to hear. However, it was not an accurate representation of the situation. The wages would not be as good as in Pennsylvania and there would not be as many dog shows or lure coursing trials but Marie was willing to live with that for the chance to write. Her friend promised to co-author a book with her. Moving to GA was like stepping back fifty years in time and Marie experienced cultural shock. When her PA home did not sell right away she ran into financial difficulties that seemed only to mount. Inconceivable problems arose at her jobs. Marie's dream of writing seemed to be getting pushed further and further away. Nevertheless it was an adventurous and exciting time for Marie. She maintained her hobby with the dogs while earning a living and fulfilling other obligations. Marie's intestinal fortitude helped her through the hard times on her way to realizing her dream.I managed to get to a local show where a vendor had really nice stained glass of different breeds of dogs. I was standing ... The lady showed us some stained glass that had black running through reddish brown that would be perfect to make brindle basenjis. She said ... Hey, overqualified people have to eat tool I was on my way north to check out some carpet mills that I had heard were hiring. On a whimanbsp;...

Title:Plant Life
Author:Mary Lou Kenworthy
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-06


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