Planting Dandelions

Planting Dandelions

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Introducing a writer with a keen eye, a wicked tongue, and an appealing take on family. In the family of Jen Lancaster and Elizabeth Gilbert, Kyran Pittman is the laid-back middle sister: warm and witty and confiding, with an addictively smart and genuine voice-but married with three kids and living in the heartland. Relatable and real, she writes about family in a way that highlights all its humor, while at the same time honoring its depth. A regular contributor to Good Housekeeping, Pittman is well loved because she is funny and honest and self-deprecating, because her own household is in chaos (qsemi-domesticatedq), and because she inspires readers in their own domestic lives. In these eighteen linked, chronological essays, Pittman covers the first twelve years of becoming a family, writing candidly and hilariously about things like learning to maintain a marriage over time; dealing with the challenges of sex after childbirth; saying good-bye to her younger self and embracing the still attractive, forty-year-old version; and trying to qrecession- proofq her family (i.e., downsize to avoid foreclosure). From a fresh new talent, celebrating the joys and trials of a new generation of parents, Planting Dandelions is an entertaining tribute to choosing the white-picket fence over the other options available, even if you don't manage to live up to its ideals every day.His four outfits did not make him a fashion doll. ... Chuck was the kind of guy whoa#39; d wear cutoffs to the pool. ... As for me, I found a life-size Ken doll to date in my teens, and found revenge in my fathera#39;s expression every time he saw us together.

Title:Planting Dandelions
Author:Kyran Pittman
Publisher:Penguin - 2011-04-28


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