Plato: Phaedrus

Plato: Phaedrus

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The dialogue begins with a playful discussion of erotic passion, then extends the theme to consider the nature of inspiration, love and knowledge. The centerpiece is the myth of the charioteer - the famous and moving account of the vision, fall and incarnation of the soul. Professor Hackforth here translates the dialogue for the student and general reader. There is a running commentary on the course of the argument and the meaning of the key Greek terms, and a full intoduction to explain the philosophical background and the place of this work among Plato's writings.... that the quest of truth must be the joint effort of two minds, the minds of teacher (or guide) and disciple, whose love for one ... he tells us that f| dxpcbucrr6s TE Kcd aaxr|ualt;5rnoros Kal dvcKp^s oOala SVTGOS oOaa is p6vcp Oearf| vco (2470 ).

Title:Plato: Phaedrus
Author:Plato, R. Hackforth
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1952


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