Play Razz Poker to Win

Play Razz Poker to Win

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News! Play Razz Poker to Win has been chosen by PokerStars Intellipoker to educate players worldwide on how to win at Razz. Play Razz Poker to Win is the only book dedicated to Razz poker. It reveals new strategies that are based on probabilities, hand simulations and actual play. Discover: * A new starting hand point system * How to steal antes * New strategy for 4th street play * The best drawing hand is not always favored over a 9 low * The right way to play 5th street * Why 6th street is knowing the numbers 7-1. * When to call on 7th street. * Over 100 Razz poker hand examples Razz Poker may be the easiest way to win money at poker because it's the one poker game where the knowledge base is so small. It is played at both Razz poker tables and as the qRq in HORSE poker. Buy Play Razz Poker to Win today and you can get a winning edge in Razz. www.pokerazz.comNew Strategies for Razz and Horse Poker Players That Are Proven to Work! Mitchell Cogert. You have (4-6) 3, 7, 10, 10 and your opponent has (x-x) 2, 3, J, K. Situation: You had the lead on 5th street and bet your hand. Your opponent called youranbsp;...

Title:Play Razz Poker to Win
Author:Mitchell Cogert
Publisher:Mitchell Cogert - 2008-02-26


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