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This first book in the Playesque series features the three short plays: Erstwhile, a comedy; The Cronus Offence, a science fiction drama; It's Nothing, a contemporary farce and the full-length drama, Americana. Each play features, character analysis, degree of difficulty rating, complete production and director's notes.... Ia#39;d be more than happy to toss Prince Crispen into the dungeon for all-time. You just say the word and hea#39;s in there. CRISPEN: By the stars, this cana#39;t be happening! (Suddenly THOR and SWAINE rush in from stage right yelling a war cry and blazing swords. They hurry over ... TALLULAH: Yes, but I only hold dominion over the royal court, not the whole kingdom. 36 SCRIPT Erstwhile... SWAINE: Oh..

Author:Joan Garner
Publisher:Libraries Unlimited - 2006-03-01


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