Plays in Search of an Ending

Plays in Search of an Ending

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Increase Your Social and Moral Intelligence! Read a play! Award-winning playwright and distinguished psychologist, Rabbi Milton Matz, Ph.D., explores a new direction for American theatre in his recently published, Plays in Search of an Ending. His theme is clear: every life is a play, and wea€” all playwrights searching for good endings. Matz has heard thousands of dilemmas. He explores the most challenging ones by writing eleven fictional plays, three full plays with controversial endings and eight short plays with no endings at all. Each play focuses on a provocative issue. Reading a play puts us in each charactera€™s shoes and enables us to see through their eyes endings we never imagined. If we choose to share our endings with others, our supply of practical solutions to personal dilemmas increase. This process of search for mutually satisfying solutions is the heart of social/moral intelligence. Frequently more important than intellectual intelligence, it enables us to live productive and harmonious lives. The book includes guidelines for discussion and an easy to follow inventory of communication behaviors for dealing with complex moral dilemmas. This collection of plays introduces an exciting new dramatic form, designed for living room, classroom, meeting room or Broadway: a€œPlays In Search Theatre.a€GINNY With artichokes, white asparagus, asparagus, and a ... FRED ... GINNY A pesto/garlic butter sauce! ... Sex at our ages can make for very interesting GINNY FRED GINNY FRED GINNY FRED GINNY FRED GINNY FRED -259- Milton Matz .

Title:Plays in Search of an Ending
Author:Milton Matz
Publisher:iUniverse - 2009-03-20


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