Poetry does theology

Poetry does theology

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What happens when poetry deals explicitly with a serious theological issue? In Poetry Does Theology, Jim Rhodes seeks one answer to that question by analyzing the symbiotic relationship that existed between theology and poetry in fourteenth-century England. He pays special attention to the narrative poems of Chaucer, Grosseteste, the Pearl-poet, the author of Saint Erkenwald, and Langland.Rhodes shows that Chaucer and his contemporaries wrote at the end of a linguistic and theological revolution -- a time when revised perspectives on the creation and incarnation gave rise to a new humanistic spirit that transformed late medieval theological culture and spurred the development of vernacular theology and poetry. Rhodes' careful analysis describes how the relationship between theology and poetry underwent a radical transformation as the century progressed.What had previously been the exclusive prerogative of a Latinate and clerical elite became in the later Middle Ages a matter of concern within vernacular culture, particularly the emerging category of qliterature.q This newly defined and self-conscious literature provided not simply an arena in which theological questions could be raised; it also privileged a secular, humanist outlook that granted to earthly life its own legitimacy and dignity.In Poetry Does Theology, Rhodes argues that one of the distinctive qualities of modernity -- its secular and this-worldly orientation -- is a phenomenon that took root in England in the fourteenth century and found its primary site of development not in theological or philosophical circles, but in a vernacular literature that opened for inquiry the theological and philosophical questionsthat dominated the era.the Wife of Bath, and, in the aftermath of the Physiciana#39;s tale, bantering with Harry Bailly. ... It is obvious that the Pardoner envies the Wife of Bath, whether it be her financial success or her skill as a preacher and her success as a storyteller. ... in the end a misreading of the Wife of Batha#39;s performance.118 The first sign of his enthusiasm for the Wife occurs in his interruption of her prologue, where heanbsp;...

Title:Poetry does theology
Author:James Francis Rhodes
Publisher:Univ of Notre Dame Pr - 2001


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