Point Last Seen

Point Last Seen

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THE ACCLAIMED MEMOIR FROM HANNAH NYALA -- A MOTHER, A TRACKER, AND A TRUE SURVIVOR. POINT LAST SEEN Escaping an abusive marriage, her children abducted by her violent husband, Hannah Nyala was left alone to pick up the pieces of her life, to heal physically and spiritually. She wanted her children back...but first she had to fight for her own future, by teaching herself the skills of tracking in the Mojave Desert. She became a search-and-rescue tracker, dedicated to saving the lives of the lost, and so attuned to nature's messages that she can read the history of a footprint, the clues in stones and desert sand. That's just the beginning of her incredible story. For Hannah would soon make the most chilling discovery: someone was tracking her, on a vicious quest to do her harm.So every knock on the door heralds a problem that rangers or their families are supposed to be able to fix: a rattlesnake ... family; a climber fell off a rock wall; a Ford Escort is stuck in deep sand on an unmaintained off-road-vehicles-only road .

Title:Point Last Seen
Author:Hannah Nyala
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2002-10-01


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