Pokemon Adventures: The Battle for Kazoku

Pokemon Adventures: The Battle for Kazoku

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Nobody can remember the last time a new PokAcmon Gym was constructed in the world. So, when a new gym is finally completed on beautiful Fairchild Island in the Orange Archipelagos it is nothing shy of a monumental event. But for Mahri, the younger sister of the Trovita Gym Leader Rudy, the only thing that matters is who is going to serve as Gym leader at the world's newest PokAcmon Gym. To select the newest leader, the Orange Archipelagos hosts a large competition, inviting hundreds of well-known PokAcmon trainers, breeders, and collectors to participate in the event. Mahri has dreamt of being a PokAcmon trainer her whole life, a dream that is often kept in check by her protective older brother. Will Mahri succeed? Or will the dastardly Team Rocket spoil her one chance to show the world what shea€™s made of? The Battle for Kazoku promises an unputdownable adventure to all the Pokemon fans out there. Right from the first chapter, readers are guaranteed to stay glued to the book until the last page.Seel had taken on PokAcmon far larger and older than he and had rarely ever failed to win a match. However, recently Rudy has ... The sky was now completely blue, the last specks of night extinguished from the dawn. The town of Trovitololis was ... He had put Trovita Gym on the map and had made it his. She respected himanbsp;...

Title:Pokemon Adventures: The Battle for Kazoku
Author:TNT Guides
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2014-07-23


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