Pokémon - Generation Iv

Pokémon - Generation Iv

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This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. Pages: 45. Chapters: Generation IV Characters, Generation IV Locations, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, My Pokemon Ranch, Poffin, Pokemon Battle Revolution, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Pokemon Platinum, Poke Walker, Aaron, Artist, Beauty, Bertha, Blue, Brock, Bruno, Bugsy, Byron, Caitlin, Candice, Chuck, Clair, Crasher Wake, Cynthia, Dawn, Erika, Falkner, Fantina, Flint, Gardenia, Giovanni, Gold, Janine, Jasmine, Johanna, Karen, Koga, Lance, Lt. Surge, Lucas, Lucian, Lyra, Maylene, Misty, Mom, Morty, Professor Elm, Professor Rowan, Pryce, Red, Roark, Sabrina, Steven Stone, Volkner, Whitney, Will, Embedded Tower, Generation IV, Crown Beasts, Pokemon Global, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Walkthrough. Excerpt: Generation IV in the Pokemon franchise, is a term used to describe the fourth set of games and Pokemon introduced into the series. The Generation IV games introduced a number of advancements including new Pokemon, moves and gameplay features. Chronologically, these games take place in the same timeline as Generation II. The Generation IV starters As with the other main series Pokemon games, a new set of starter Pokemon were introduced for the fourth generation. Continuing with tradition, these Pokemon are a Water-type, Grass-type or a Fire-type. They include Piplup (Water), Turtwig (Grass) and Chimchar (Fire).In the Gold and Silver remakes, Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the starter Pokemon wil remain the same. They include Totodile (Water), Chikorita (Grass) and Cyndaquil (Fire). Generation IV introduced a new set of Gym Leaders and the Elite Four in the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games. All of these trainers specialize in a specific type of Pokemon and are key to progressing through the game. The HeartGold and SoulSilver Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion will remain the same as their predecessors. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, the P...This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online.

Title:Pokémon - Generation Iv
Author:Source: Wikia
Publisher:Books LLC, Wiki Series - 2012-03


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