Politics and Plea Bargaining

Politics and Plea Bargaining

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In 1982, California voters passed Proposition 8, promoted by supporters as the Victims' Bill of Rights, on the initiative ballot. In Politics and Plea Bargaining, Candace McCoy describes the political genesis of victims' rights legislation and the impact Proposition 8 has had on plea bargaining. Placing Proposition 8 in the context of earlier efforts to reform plea bargaining, McCoy explores the meaning of due process in the criminal courts. Emphasizing the concept of qpublicness, q the book suggests changes that would open the justice system to more public observation and explanation.Describing plea bargaining as a sociologically constructed process does not necessarily mean that the process is not ... it traditionally has been framed in terms of a cost-benefit calculus in which court time is exchanged for low sentences.

Title:Politics and Plea Bargaining
Author:Candace McCoy
Publisher:University of Pennsylvania Press - 1993-05-01


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