Politics of the Imagination

Politics of the Imagination

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A great American crank, in the best sense of the word, Charles Hoy Fort (1874-1932) spent his life hunting down reports of qanomalous phenomenaq-qdamnedq events such rains of frogs, cattle mutilations, and UFO sightings-and studying them from a true outsider's perspective, one that characterized even objective science as wearing blinders in its approach to them. In this modern classic of analytical biography, Colin Bennett examines not only the life of this one-man investigator of real-life X-Files but his work as well, likening him to such diverse figures that loom in the cultural imagination as Lee Harvey Oswald and Shakespeare's Hamlet. A must-read for fans of the strange, this riveting book explores why the 20th century, which gave rise to conspiracy-theory philosophies and widespread distrust of social authority, embraced Fort so wholly that his name has been immortalized in the adjective qFortean.q In the course of a delightfully misspent youth, COLIN BENNETT was employed as both a musician and as a mercenary soldier. He was far better at the second than at the first. Educated at Balliol College, Oxford, he is the author of the novels Infantryman and The Entertainment Bomb, and paranormal nonfiction including Looking for Orthon, a biography of George Adamski; Politics of the Imagination, a biography of Charles Fort; and An American Demonology, about the head of the 1950s UFO-hunting agency Project Blue Book.... all the screaming flood of nineteenth-century conflicts, were to finish in the burnt-out wiring-diagram worlds of Auschwitz and Hiroshima. ... David and Goliath would be even odds compared with Charles Fort viewed as an enemy of say, the philosophy of Henry Ford. ... barrel high in the air; of fifteen- year-old Lulu Hurst, who threw 2001b men about without going near them; of Mary Richardson, who, anbsp;...

Title:Politics of the Imagination
Author:Colin Bennett
Publisher:Cosimo, Inc. - 2008-06-01


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