Poll Haven

Poll Haven

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Introvert Mart McKinnon works hard on his small ranch in Alberta's south-western Rockies. His independence isolates him, as does a preference for horses rather than wheels and classic rock rather than country music. With his focus on raising his cattle and keeping the community rangelands secure during grazing season, his bachelor's existence is quiet, dusty, and fairly predictable-until the day his curmudgeonly patrolling partner is killed in an unseen run-in with ATVs while on routine fence duty. Mart attempts to uncover a recent discovery hinted at by the old man and begins to feel that he, too, has become the target of sinister motives from several possible sources. As his suspicions rise so does his interest in his high-school heart throb, the beautiful Becky Sorenson, who has arrived on the scene after a 10-year absence. When he and his best friend are both given signals that she is sweet on them, rivalry threatens their relationship, tempers flare, and complications ensue. Pursuing his mentor's killers on Poll Haven's wild slopes, Mart faces peril when he is trapped in an early fall blizzard, and battles an inner turmoil that will change his life forever.The suit would need dry-cleaning, but Mart did not care. When he stumbled up the porch steps and into his stuffy trailer home he could hardly remember the drive from Leavitt. He poured a glass of water and sat in Kenta#39;s castoff recliner.

Title:Poll Haven
Author:C. Locke Marshall
Publisher:FriesenPress - 2014-12-17


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