Polly Peebles and the Blue Necklace

Polly Peebles and the Blue Necklace

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Polly Peebles is the only child of eccentric parents. She is eight years old and very bright. the story is about the theft Polly's special necklace which was given to her by her great-great Uncle Cosmo. It was taken from her bedroom windowsill by a very strange bird. This she is told by a talking tree named Ebenezer, which grows outside her bedroom window. Adventures begin when Polly, who lives in New Zealand, goes to spend the summer holidays with her two cousins, who have been given a canoe for Christmas Polly, the two boys and their four friends meet at the river to try it out. When Polly's turn comes the canoe tips her out and when the others try to rescue her, they are all sucked under the water to a strange world. There they meet a strange ancient little man named Caradus, who tells them they are there to help Polly find the nineteen beads which make up the blue necklace. the beads are magic beads and have been taken to places all around the world. and so the journey begins They travel by unusual means; a weird elevator, a strange plane and train, a magic carpet, a rocket, flying horses, on the backs of whales and by balloons. Their search takes them to NewYork, Paris, Rome, Zimbabwe, the Great Wall of China, a cave under a Scottish castle, to Athens and a Greek Island, San Francisco. Moscow and London. Caradus appears during their search to give them clues. He can become invisible when the occasion presents itself. A spider called Spence also drops down when they least expect it, also to give clues. Caradus has a rather brainless evil cousin, who with his equally brainless friend keep turning up where-ever the children are, as they want the magic beads and the magic wand that came to the children's rescue in Paris, and they try a bit of kidnapping. After a journey around the world, experiencing some wonderful adventures, mystery and magic, all nineteen beads are found and the blue necklace is completed. Of course they all hope the magic from the beads will rub off onto them when they return to school. At the very least they have learnt a great deal about the world and the exciting places they have visited. However they don't know who will actually believe their story!... with all Pollya#39;s favourite foodsa€”the leftovers from the Caseysa#39; Christmas Day, they all settled down to play Scrabble. ... A good spot was found under a tree in the shade where they put their lunch and they put the canoe at the watera#39;s edge.

Title:Polly Peebles and the Blue Necklace
Author:J.M Barnaby
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-02


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