Portrait of Jenny

Portrait of Jenny

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An oil painting, The Portrait of Jenny, divides two brothers in life and two sisters in death. The brothers, one a priest and one a physician, each vie for the love of Jenny, one of the sisters. The priest unknowingly paints his love into Jenny's portrait. Then to prove that he loves God more, the priest joins the Vatican in Rome. The physician meanwhile yields to whims and marries Jenny, having amassed a great fortune by modifying growth hormones until they engender perpetual youth, perhaps opening the door to the Holy Grail. On the other side of the world where the Pope is dying from cancer, Father Anthony Cochran strives to thwart secular forces from swaying the next Papal election. An intriguing battle ensues behind the scenes which unites two crime families that separately target the two brothers. Although resembling the story of Cain and Abel, the Biblical prophesy seems unfulfilled until Brett, ding first, reaches vengefully from the grave to consume his own brother. Years later, the story is exposed when a newspaper reporter writes an article on the award-winning Portrait of Jenny which today hangs in the National Museum of Art in the nation's capitol. UPDATED BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Maurice S. Rawlings, M.D. [Physician to President Dwight Eisenhower [Physician to Joint Chiefs of Staff [Assoc. Clinical Professor of Medicine, Univ. of Tennessee [National Teaching Faculty, American Heart Association [Medical Director, Aventis and ZLB Bio-science Laboratories [Author of Beyond Death's Door, Before Death Comes, Life Wish, and To Hell and Back. (Multiple languages. The first and last publications were also made into movies). [Fellow, American Colleges of Cardiology, Angiology andChest Physicians [Diplomat, American Board of Cardiology [Chairman, TVA Medical Retirement Board [Pilot, Instrument, Multi-engineRepair, did you say? There are so many third degree burns on my arms and chest to make any thought of undergoing extensive surgery a living hell.aquot; aquot;Then why not simply limit the surgery to your face? Repair that?aquot; As he pulled lace curtainsanbsp;...

Title:Portrait of Jenny
Author:Maurice Rawlings
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2008-11-01


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