Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture

Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture

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Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture: Fleeting Images, edited by Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic and Debbie Olson, is a collection which examines images of a€œchildrena€ and a€œchildhooda€ in popular culture, including print, online, television shows, and films. The contributors to this volume explore the constructions of a€œchildrena€ and a€œchildhooda€ rather than actual children or actual childhoods. In the chapters that are concerned with depictions of actual, individual children, the authors investigate how the images of those children conform or a€œtroublea€ current notions of what it means to be a child engaged in a contemporary a€œchildhood.a€ This is a unique volume, because of the academic discourse which is employeda€”that of a€œChildhood Studies.a€ The Childhood Studies scholars represented in this collection utilize an interdisciplinary approach which draws upon various academic fieldsa€”their methodologies, theoretical approaches, and scholarly conventionsa€”for the scholarly research in this collection. Together, the contributions to this collection interrogate classic notions of childhood innocence, knowledge, agency, and the fluid position of the signifier a€œchilda€ within contemporary media forms. These interdisciplinary works function as a testament to the infectiousness of the child image in print, television, and cinematic contexts, and represent a new avenue of discursive scholarship; the questions raised and connections made provide fresh insights and unique perspectives to topics regarding children and childhood and their representation within multiple media platforms. The growing field of Childhood Studies is enriched by the intellectual originality represented by this volumea€™s authors who ask new questions about the enduring and captivating image of the child.Essentially, Dora is a a€œhelpful native, a€ a guide whose purpose is to introduce her own language to outsiders, and to translate for them when they encounter unfamiliar contexts. But where does Dora a€œlivea€? What is the terrain the show guidesanbsp;...

Title:Portrayals of Children in Popular Culture
Author:Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic, Debbie C. Olson
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2012-12-21


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