Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation

Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation

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In Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation, renowned authors present current technical approaches to most aspects of post-transcriptional control and provide a useful and versatile laboratory bench resource. With chapters split into sections covering bioinformatics, fundamental aspects of the study of RNA biology, and techniques for specific aspects of RNA biology, the expert authors have filled the book with invaluable tricks of the trade, perfected in their state-of-the-art laboratories. This new volume from the Methods in Molecular Biology series is convinently divided into three sections. The first section presents a series of bioinformatic approaches to address the use of RNA databases and algorithms to the study of post-transcriptional regulation involving untranslated regions of transcripts. In the second section, a series of methods applicable to fundamental issues in mRNA biology are presented. These include RNA structure/function, mRNP analysis and novel methods for mRNA labeling and isolation. The third section of this volume presents methodologies to study particular aspects of post-transcriptional control. This section includes methods for the study of alternative splicing and 3a€™ end processing, mRNA localization, mRNA translation, mRNA stability and si/miRNA regulation. Collectively, Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation provides the reader with a useful and versatile laboratory bench resource that will become an essential reference in the field.Owing to extensive computations, the queries may take 30 s or more to run. The results ... It is provided as a downloadable a€œzippeda€ package along with detailed instructions and help manual (see Table 3). It can be ... However, UTRdb and UTRscan (see Subheading 3.6) can be used to map class II AREs. 2. IRESite:anbsp;...

Title:Post-Transcriptional Gene Regulation
Author:Jeffrey Wilusz
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2008


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