Postmodernism and Islam

Postmodernism and Islam

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Can West and East ever understand each other? In this extraordinary book one of the world's leading Muslim scholars explores an area which has been almost entirely neglected by scholars in the field - the area of postmodernism and Islam. This landmark work is startling and constantly perceptive in its exploration of Western and Islamic culture. Emphasizing the role of the mass media in shaping our understanding of East-West relations, Akbar S. Ahmed analyses the ways in which the media turned events like the Salmon Rushdie affair and the Gulf war into a carnival of spectacle and entertainment. He makes use of the postmodern theme of the displaced, circulating image to show how images are used to tell stories - stories which are not always helpful or accurate. In this new, revised edition, Akbar S. Ahmed includes a remarkable and stimulating new preface, in which he reconsiders this topic in the light of the contemporary, post September 11th, world.Jinnah with his cigar, monocle, Savile Row suits and talk of Westminster style democracy - in a clipped English accent - is the modernist Muslim leader par excellence. All this served a purpose. Modernism provided important weapons to anbsp;...

Title:Postmodernism and Islam
Author:Akbar S. Ahmed
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2004


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