Power Hungry

Power Hungry

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Another contrarian assessment of America's energy situation--and the gulf between the goals of the green movement and our vast need for power--by the author of Gusher of Lies. Armed with fully footnoted facts and revealing graphics, Bryce explains why most of the hype about renewable energy and qgreenq technology is just that--hype. He shows why renewable sources like wind and solar are not qgreenq and why they cannot provide the scale of energy that the world demands. He negates the notion that the US wastes huge amounts of energy. Indeed, the facts show that over the past three decades the US has been among the world's best at reducing its energy intensity, carbon intensity, and per-capita energy use. He goes on to skewer electric cars, T. Boone Pickens, and Denmark as an qenergy smartq model, and explains what will really be needed to transform the global energy sector.--From publisher description.21Earthjustice.org has the entire July 7, 2009, complaint online at http://www. earthjustice.org/library/legal_docs/final-complaint-energy- corridors.pdf. 22 Map of ... The math is straightforward: 12, 000 acres is equal to 48 million square meters.

Title:Power Hungry
Author:Robert Bryce
Publisher:PublicAffairs - 2011


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