Power Primer

Power Primer

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Penn Well's new Power Primer: A Nontechnical Guide from Generation to End-Use, offers a detailed look at how electricity is generated, transmitted, and distributed. Opening with an overview of electricity - what it is and how it works qfrom plant to plugq - the book then provides a history of the electric power industry. Section two explains generation - plants, components, and systems - and section three covers transmission and distribution - equipment, facilities, and their functions. The conclusion consists of an appendix that profiles the business, cultural, and political ramifications of deregulation.A family of four showering five minutes a day each will use about 700 gallons of water a week in showers alone. ... water and a watch with a second hand, you can adjust the shower to your usual water pressure to find out how much water you use. ... Bathroom faucet aerators can cut usage between 0.5 and 1 gallon per minute, down from the standard two to four gallons a minute. In the kitchen, a higher-flow rate of two to four gallons a minute is needed if you fill the sink for dish water.

Title:Power Primer
Author:Ann Chambers
Publisher:PennWell Books - 1999-01-01


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