Power System Transients

Power System Transients

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Despite the powerful numerical techniques and graphical user interfaces available in present software tools for power system transients, a lack of reliable tests and conversion procedures generally makes determination of parameters the most challenging part of creating a model. Illustrates Parameter Determination for Real-World Applications Geared toward both students and professionals with at least some basic knowledge of electromagnetic transient analysis, Power System Transients: Parameter Determination summarizes current procedures and techniques for the determination of transient parameters for six basic power components: overhead line, insulated cable, transformer, synchronous machine, surge arrester, and circuit breaker. An expansion on papers published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, this text helps those using transient simulation tools (e.g., EMTP-like tools) to select the optimal determination method for their particular model, and it addresses commonly encountered problems, including: Lack of information Testing setups and measurements that are not recognized in international standards Insufficient studies to validate models, mainly those used in high-frequency transients Current built-in models that do not cover all requirements Illustrated with case studies, this book provides modeling guidelines for the selection of adequate representations for main components. It discusses how to collect the information needed to obtain model parameters and also reviews procedures for deriving them. Appendices summarize updated techniques for identifying linear systems from frequency responses and review capabilities and limitations of simulation tools. Emphasizing standards, this book is a clear and concise presentation of key aspects in creating an adequate and reliable transient model.345kV and Above, 2nd edn., EPRI, Palo Alto, CA, 1982. CIGREWG 33.01, Guide for the Evaluation of the Dielectric Strength of External Insulation, Technical Brochure no. ... T. Suzuki and K. Miyake, Experimental study of the breakdown voltage time characteristics of large air-gaps with lightning ... wave shapesa€”A theoretical basis, IEEE Transactions on Electrical Insulation, 23(3), 373a€“381, June 1988.

Title:Power System Transients
Author:Juan A. Martinez-Velasco
Publisher:CRC Press - 2009-10-14


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