Practical M&A Execution and Integration

Practical M&A Execution and Integration

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Few business activities can match Mergers a Acquisitions (MaA) in terms of the potential for reward and for danger. A successful merger or acquisition can allow a mid-tier company to leap into the top tier, bringing rich rewards to that company, and its employees and shareholders. The failure of a merger can, on the other hand, have a devastating impact, resulting a loss of credibility, destruction of value and in some cases bringing the parties to ruin. Depending on how you measure it, between 50% and 80% of MaA deals fail to attain their objectives, before or even after the deal is done. Practical MaA Execution and Integration is all about maximising your chances of success. Merging, de-merging, acquiring or acquired, if your organisation is involved, or likely to be involved, you will need to manage the process, and following this Handbook will give you a clear, simple framework to get the job done and help your organisation move on and attain the benefits and promise of the deal. The book covers the following core topics: Fundamentals of MaA; the reasons for MaA, types of MaA deals and the challenges they present MaA Regulation Successful MaA, covering MaA power and providing a detailed look at the processes and people involved Delivering MaA The unique issues of Banking MaA, which differs significantly from other types of MaA deals. The final section consists of document templates and suggested tables of contents which are designed to be used alongside the advice in the book, thus making Practical MaA Execution and Integration the complete guide to constructing a successful MaA deal.

Title:Practical M&A Execution and Integration
Author:Michael McGrath
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2011-09-20


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