Practical Web Technologies

Practical Web Technologies

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Front Cover Practical Web Technologies P.K. Yuen V. Lau SUBJECT COVERED g HTML g XHTML g CSS g JAVA g J2SDK g 2D SHAPES g BUSINESS GRAPHICS g MULTIMEDIA a MOVIES g WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER (WMP) g PLUGINS g JMF g BROADCASTING LIVE VIDEO g XML g XSL g XSLT g XML PARSER g ECMAScript (JAVASCRIPT) g DHTML g MOVING OBJECTS g DOM g EMAILS a ATTACHMENTS g CGI g APACHE g IIS g PERl g ASP g ASP.NET g PHP g SQL g MySQL g E-COMMERCE g WEB SECURITY g MESSAGE DIGEST (MD) g SSL a TLS g OPENSSL g GNUPG g Mod_SSL g CERTIFICATES g AUTHENTICATION g CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY (CA) g APACHE WITH SSL g HTTPS g MOBILE INTERNET g WML g WAP g WMLScript g M-BUSINESS =============================================================== Back Cover Practical Web Technologies P.K. Yuen V. Lau There are a vast number of Web technologies ranging from ASP to XSLT. If you are looking for a practical, hands-on guide to all major aspects of Web technology, this book is for you. q Practical Web Technologies qq provides an instant course and a reference book for Web design beginners, programmers and engineers, as well as Web practitioners. Starting with the basics of Web design, you will be provided with step-by-step practical examples to help you design and set up functional sites on the World Wide Web. The book then moves through more advanced topics, covering subjects such as client and server scripting, e-commerce, broadcasting live video, Web databases and SSL security. Topics covered include: Basic - HTML/XHTML, CSS, Java, ECMAScript (or JavaScript), XML, and XSLT Intermediate A DOM (W3C Document Object Model), CGI, Perl, ASP, ASP.NET, and PHP Advanced A MySQL (Web Databases), SSL and TLS (Web Security), WML and WMLScript (Mobile Internet)qq Other key features: Over 400 working examples presented in qcut and pasteq format which can be used directly in other Web applications Over 450 illustrations and screen shots Supporting Web site at About the authorsP.K. Yuen is a publicly known expert on Communication, Internet and World Wide Web. He has more than 13 years working experience on Web technologies including large scale application developments, engineer training and project leadership. With his work, he filed US and international patents for a number of designs on images, audio and video transmission on the Internet and Web applications. V. Lau is a senior lecturer in computing in the School of Mathematics at Kingston University. He has much experience in teaching programming at various undergraduate levels and is particularly interested in teaching Web-related programming skills. He is the core member of the computing courses development team in the School of the. Time: 22/09/2003. 15:35:53. Fte Apdt Yiew Fflvortej loots bet ^ Qealt;ck - ^j) , t Alch Fsrates |Jagt;MAlda i-Ol.aiC. v HGO ... If you want to use another scripting language, you may need to install the appropriate scripting engine, which is a program that can process commands and ... A structure diagram of ASP is shown in Fig.

Title:Practical Web Technologies
Author:P. K. Yuen, V. Lau
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2003


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