Predictable and Avoidable

Predictable and Avoidable

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Much has been said and written about the 'financial tsunami' and economic dislocation that occurred in the opening decade of the 21st Century. In Predictable and Avoidable, Professor Dr Ivo Pezzuto offers an independent and unbiased analysis of the financial crises and one of the first fully considered expositions of the financial, governance and regulatory reforms needed for the future. With personal interviews involving selected global thought leaders and industry experts, the narrative focuses on the technical issues that led to global crisis and the human, cultural, and ethical aspects of the events. It exposes the root causes and demonstrates that the crisis we have seen was predictable and should have been avoidable, and that a recurrence can be avoided, but only if lessons are learned and the right action taken in relation to the banking and finance industries and to supervisory frameworks and regulatory mechanisms.Healso added: If global regulators were benevolent dictators designing regulations for abanking system in a ... The outcomeofthismeeting was asingle rulebook thatallows nationalsupervisors to discretionally impose stricterprudential ... One of the challenges is also representedbythe fact that, asa consequence ofthe sovereign debtcrisisin the Eurozone, ... worsened creditcrunch forfirms and households, and deeper recessionary trends (Pezzuto, 2008; Cohen, 2011; King, 2012).

Title:Predictable and Avoidable
Author:Professor Ivo Pezzuto
Publisher:Gower Publishing, Ltd. - 2013-12-28


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