Pregnancy and Parenthood in a Foreign Land

Pregnancy and Parenthood in a Foreign Land

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In Pregnancy and Parenthood in a Foreign Land: My Experience in Thailand with Useful Tips for Mothers Everywhere, Rebecca Wongwiboonchai shares her experiences of her first pregnancy, giving birth, and becoming a new parent in a foreign land. A British expat living with her husband in Thailand, the author gives us an honest and candid glimpse into her adventure from beginning to end. Each chapter is divided into two sections: a€œA Real-life Experience, a€ in which she tells the story as it happened for her (including pregnancy, labour and birth, first days of motherhood and breastfeeding, and travelling and working with a newborn) and a€œThe Facts, a€ where she offers straight talk on practicalities, such as things one might like to consider when making choices, a discussion of food and diet, vaccinations, the importance of personal time, and equipment essentials. Although Wongwiboonchaia€™s account takes place in Thailand, the descriptions of her firsthand experiences and valuable tips are applicable to expat mothers-to-be worldwide. The author shares the lessons that she learneda€”oftentimes the hard waya€”so that you dona€™t have to.Articles Bingo, Kru (2013) a#39;Thai phrases to keep unhealthy food awaya#39;, Expat Ladies in Bangkok, October/ November, pp. 61. Web Sites BabyCentre. a€œHaving a Healthy Diet in Pregnancy.a€ Accessed January 17, 2014. http://www.nhs.

Title:Pregnancy and Parenthood in a Foreign Land
Author:Rebecca Wongwiboonchai
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-01-12


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