Preparing for Contact

Preparing for Contact

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Extraterrestrial contact is happening now. We may not remember it clearly. We may think it is only a dream. We may ignore the signs of contact because we do not understand them. And most of all, we may simply be too frightened to fully acknowledge its presence. The contact experience is intricately tied to the nature of human consciousness. When we as a species evolve, so will the nature of our contact experiences. Part 1 was first published in 1994. This new edition includes part 2, and is a groundbreaking book with all new information that explores Lyssa's contact research around the world from 1994 to present day. It is a combination of narrative, channeled material from renown channel Lyssa Royal, and personal accounts from teams of contact pioneers -- those who research ET contact in real time and reach out to initiate contact through their work with specially trained contact teams. An inside look at the ET contact experience is given, including what the human consciousness experiences during contact and how our perceptions of reality change as we meet with beings from other worlds. The authors present a breathtaking look at the contact phenomenon and its connection to the evolution of the human species.The group had been using the high-powered light to point out satellite-like objects that were moving across the sky. ... We also realized that at the high altitude of this object, it would not be responding to a visual perception of our small light, anbsp;...

Title:Preparing for Contact
Author:Lyssa Royal, Keith Priest
Publisher:Light Technology Publishing - 2011-10-01


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