President Obama

President Obama

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A bird's eye-view of the difficulties facing the nation is first presented to the incoming Obama Administration and the new Congress. The specific problems are then described in some detail. Certain solutions, both from the current and futuristic perspective, are presented. An attempt has been made to keep the concepts and solutions explained in an understandable manner by mere mortals. The book has ten chapters, eight of which deal with a specific area of difficulty, its explanation and solutions. For example, in one chapter the issue of infra-structure development is described in detail. The sections in this chapter deal with simply asking the qmeaning of change in Washingtonq to suggesting that the infra-structure of the city of Washington has to change first. This is followed by other terrestrial (bridges, roads, veteran's hospitals etc.) and extra-terrestrial (ground satellite tracking sites and other space related) infra- structure projects creating millions of jobs. This chapter then ends with: One might seriously look to see, if there is enough capacity in our heads to expand the non-governmental population in Washington's midst while creating an exemplary infrastructure underground and above ground for generations to marvel at. A city that looks and feels like the head and the heart of a nation on a planet far away. Tear down some buildings that are hard to maintain and environmentally archaic. This is change that Obama and his generation could be remembered for. Is it possible to ignore the skeptics and start the change that will begin the works programs creating so many opportunities; a new space age shall dawn. The Earth will have traveled through the space, crisscrossing the heavens, and the only sky visible will be from the future. I invite you to take a hard look at this book, dedicated to the founding fathers.This is all part of the research a€” the knowledge required to truly practice PCI and to keep increasing that base of knowledge upon ... which I dona#39;t know how many will be left in the aftermath of all the Ponzi schemes that have been uncovered.

Title:President Obama
Author:Sifwat Ali
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-04-01


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