Pressure Cooker

Pressure Cooker

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This story deals with the interesting experiences of an American immigrant in his home country and in the United States. Raised in an upper class family and college-educated in his home country, he accepts a government job in the capital city. He marries his girlfriend and is soon transferred to a rural part of the country as head of a district office. He performs his duties well, but because of his lifestyle serious charges are filed against him. He pays a hefty price to settle this case out of court, resigns from his job, and leaves for the United States to pursue further studies which would qualify him for a better job in the capital city on his return. In the United States, he studies up to graduate level and decides to work for some years before returning home. Getting a good job proves to be very difficult. His marriage fails. He takes a second wife, an American, and that marriage also fails. He stays in the United States longer than planned. He gets two half-way decent jobs, but he resigns from one and is laid off from the other. He decides to return home after being offered a senior level government job. Back home he performs his duties with distinction and marries for the third time. Unexpected developments result in the murder of his wife, the loss of his job, and his arraignment before a commission of inquiry on suspected corruption charges. On being found not guilty, he returns to the United States and marries for the fourth time. He works in low level positions for five years before finally obtaining an entry level professional job. He works for that agency for eleven years before retiring at age 65.On the application he lied about his education and work experience: he did not state that he had a college degree and he ... They started by sweeping and cleaning all the offices, mopping floors where necessary and emptying all trash cans.

Title:Pressure Cooker
Author:Koff Mensane
Publisher:Author House - 2013-01-16


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