Pressure Proofing

Pressure Proofing

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Do you feel uneasy when you try to relax? Are you overwhelmed by the deadlines you have to meet? Do you get rattled when things dona€™t go your way? Are you inpatient with people who work more slowly than you? Do you often get angry? Do you feel things are hopeless? Do you feel like not getting out of bed, instead pulling the covers over your head? More and more people have these reactions, in spite of the fact that we know more about pressure, anxiety, anger, and depression, and in spite of the fact that computers are supposed to make our lives and jobs easier. For the individual, these unhealthy reactions can lead to deteriorating health and a variety of social problems. For an organization, it often means low employee morale and declining productivity. In Pressure Proofing, Dr. Klarreich tackles the many people problems in the workplace and anywhere else for that matter. He shows how to identify the thoughts that bring on unhealthy reactions, and how to turn those thoughts around by debunking. Drawing on years of experience as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Klarreich then shows us, using quizzes, case histories, and practical programs, how these reactions can be conquered so that we can regain our health, productivity, and personal effectiveness. Pressure Proofing provides an inspiring, empowering, and engaging approach to addressing these issues.At this point, Pressure Cookers walk around with an abundance of hostility. They ... But darn it, I figured that I would just work harder and it would go away. It never did. And those fools I worked with, I hated them as well. They got in the way ofanbsp;...

Title:Pressure Proofing
Author:Sam Klarreich
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-01-26


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