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The first guide to all surgical and nonsurgical options for women with a high risk for breast cancer. Advances in genetic testing and risk assessment have changed the face of medicine, but with them has come a Pandora's box of dilemmas. Imagine discovering you had a significant risk for developing breast cancer. What would you do? Through the incredible true stories of five young friends, as well as interviews with more than seventy top breast cancer experts, health writer Dina Roth Port addresses the universal questions of women everywhere who have watched family members suffer from the disease and wondered, qAm I next?q Full of practical information, Previvors is the first comprehensive book to guide women through the difficult process of determining their risk, weighing the options, and coping with the emotions of deciding to undergo surgery. Readers will learn: a€cThe pros and cons of getting tested for the BRCA gene a€cHow to decide between surgical or nonsurgical options a€cThe latest research in breast cancer surveillance a€cThe advanced new world of breast reconstruction a€cHow to overcome body image and sex issues post-surgery, and more From navigating health insurance coverage to finding the right medical team, Previvors is an invaluable resource for women facing decisions about their risk and future health. Watch a Video... body image and controversies over cost of free or low-cost impact on relationships insurance coverage for new tools for for ovarian cancer ... Cure Sutphen, Rebecca Tamoxifen paying for side effects of Tay-Sachs disease 3-D mammograms Thyroid cancer Tissue flaps. ... flap surgery Transvaginal ultrasound Trepanier, Angela Tumor angiogenesis Tumor suppressor gene 23andMe Ultrasound cost ofanbsp;...

Author:Dina Roth Port
Publisher:Penguin - 2010-10-05


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