Price Yourself Right

Price Yourself Right

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qInspiring and packed full of tips. Gets you excited about charging what you're worth.q -Linda McDermott, author of How to Get Free Publicity! Are you self-employed and lacking the confidence, skills, or knowledge to charge what you really want and deserve? Have you been so keen to win business that you slash prices and give away most of your profits? For those who have unwillingly undercharged or felt annoyed when someone less competent earns more, then Price Yourself Right is the definitive tool needed to help overcome these self-imposed limitations. This practical guide will help demystify the art of pricing by addressing the fundamental issues that most marketing texts or self-help books don't mention. Price Yourself Right discusses the following essential topics: Mental pitfalls to charging what you're worth Gaining insight into your customers' money mentality Practical skills needed to charge what you are worth Motivation to price yourself right Pricing issues and asking for money can be an emotional maze-but you're not alone in wondering how to overcome it. Let Price Yourself Right propel you toward success!Will there be enough volume of business for you to earn the revenue goal you set yourself? ... To find out how much it costs to fly to London in May, wouldna#39;t you look in the paper, phone or call into a travel centre, ask your neighbor who knows absolutely everything, and maybe do an online ... If ita#39;s not appropriate for you to be seen a€œscoutinga€ the territory, recruit a friend or family member or pay someone.

Title:Price Yourself Right
Author:Jane Francis
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006


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