Pricing Your Portraits

Pricing Your Portraits

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Portrait photographers agree that one of the most important yet shrouded aspects of running a successful business is accurately pricing your products for profit. Some charge too little, then scramble to photograph and edit photos for throngs of clients, only to become overwhelmed and burn out. Others price too low initially, just to get people in the door, but soon mark up their prices and lose clients to new photographers who charge rock-bottom prices. There are still others who price themselves out of the game right out of the gate. Jeff Smith, owner of two thriving portrait studios teaches you how to tackle one of photographya€™s most vexing problemsa€”working out a pricing structure that allows you to cover your costs and clear a profit that you can live comfortably with. Smith begins by showing you methods that hea€”and countless other prosa€”have used in a misguided attempt to reap a great cash flow, helping you avoid time-and-revenue-burning missteps. Next, he walks you through the process of figuring out where your money goesa€”How much should you shell out for new equipment? What falls into the category of a€œoverhead?a€ How much do you need to pay your staff and yourself?a€”and then moves on to show ways to cut costs, price individual prints and packages, maintain your desired business volume, retain existing clients, and delegate tasks in order to work smartly toward profitabilitya€”all while enjoying your work and achieving professional and creative satisfaction.If, for any reason, you dona#39;t like something you bought at Costco, you can bring it right back. ... self imagea€”the man who thinks six strands of hair totally conceal his bald head, or the woman who doesna#39;t think she looks much different at size 24 than she did at size 8. ... Like the plastic surgeon, we can make someone look better than they currently do; we cana#39;t make them look like they did thirty years ago.

Title:Pricing Your Portraits
Author:Jeff Smith
Publisher:Amherst Media - 2015-04-20


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