Prima Donna

Prima Donna

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In the latest Friends First novel from USA Today bestselling author Laura Drewrya€”perfect for readers of Jill Shalvis and Susan Mallerya€”a woman who cana€™t slow down discovers that the perfect guy is in hot pursuit. Even when her hair salon goes under and shea€™s on the brink of breaking, Regan Burke keeps her a€œIa€™m just finea€ attitude. Shea€™s had a tough life, coping with a difficult family and keeping her act together . . . barely. Right now, she just needs a job, any job, so she can pay her mothera€™s medical bills. Ita€™s the exact wrong time for Carter Scott to come into her lifea€”and to be so damn sexy, so distracting, and so determined to get close. Carter isna€™t looking for anything seriousa€”his heart belongs to the kids who depend on his pediatric practicea€”but something about Regan makes him reconsider. Maybe ita€™s the scars she hides so well, the secrets she cana€™t share. Carter knows all about that kind of pain, and he wants to help. But offering Regan a job in his office only makes things worse, even if their chemistry is off the charts. Lucky for them both, Carter isna€™t about to let go of love without a fight. Praise for Prima Donna a€œ[Prima Donna features] strong, guarded characters. . . . Readers will peel off each layer of the plot to reveal who Carter and Regan really are.a€a€”Library Journal a€œThis book made me laugh, swoon, and even made my heart melt a few times. . . . Youa€™ll simply want to know what happens next and if the two characters will get their happily ever after.a€a€”Roberta Capizzi a€œThis author has a smooth style thata€™s elegant and holds your attention. . . . Her writing style is right up there with all the best authors. Well done!a€a€”First Page to the Last a€œLaura Drewry has perfectly combined humor, angst, and romance into an incredibly entertaining, emotional story that Ia€™ll most likely read over and over again. . . . I cana€™t wait to read whatever Drewry comes up with next!a€a€”Fic Central a€œA sweet, amusing and sizzling romance.a€a€”TJ Loves to Read Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.Did he cut it with a knife and fork? She twisted the lock, pushed the door open, then backed up enough to let him in. a€œPlease tell me youa#39;re here for a cut.a€ He raised his brow and gave the bat a pointed look, the grin never leaving his face.

Title:Prima Donna
Author:Laura Drewry
Publisher:Loveswept - 2014-09-23


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