Primary Care of Women

Primary Care of Women

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This up-to-date and expanded 2 nd edition is an invaluable resource for clinicians committed to providing primary health care to women. It provides a concise, practical synthesis of knowledge from various disciplines, including sections on medical disease, behavioral medicine, and prevention. Coverage focuses on problems commonly seen in primary care practice that occur more frequently or exclusively in women, or that manifest differently or respond differently to treatment in women than men. All topics are thoroughly addressed in a focused, well-organized approach that helps readers quickly locate answers to specific questions. With its focused presentation and clear discussion, Primary Care of Women, 2nd Edition offers an authoritative look at the complexities of a woman's biological, emotional, and social functioning in the context of her physical and mental health. In addition to problems treated mainly by primary care clinicians, content also includes information on conditions managed by specialists, providing a comprehensive source for all women's health considerations. A section on psychology and behavior provides a framework for addressing many of the problems that prompt women to seek medical care, including depression, obesity, and domestic violence. Screening and prevention, essential aspects of primary care practice, are reviewed. The interaction of pregnancy and medical illness is covered, addressing a range of issues including: the effects of specific medical problems on fertility, maternal health, and fetal well-being; the effects of pregnancy on existing diseases; the evaluation and management of problems in early pregnancy; and modification of treatment during pregnancy. An emphasis on clinical decision making and a problem-oriented focus makes this reference practical and useful for the clinical setting, with extensive cross-references, tables, and summaries of management recommendations. Relevant scientific data is included when available to support the book's clinical focus. Attention to the cost-effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic interventions is implicitly and explicitly considered, with guidelines for efficient use of subspecialty resources. The patient's preferences are considered key components of the clinical decision-making process, offering tips for patient education such as what the patient can expect from specific tests or treatments as well as the probabilities of various treatment outcomes. Coverage of problems affecting aging women, including memory loss/Alzheimer's and degenerative arthritis, has been expanded. More subspecialties are represented in this edition, covering topics specific to allergy, chronic pain management, oral surgery, sports medicine, and more. Special populations of women, such as disabled and homeless women, are included with specific treatment considerations where appropriate. New topics are addressed in this edition, including: pulmonary disorders, sleep disorders, sports injuries, chronic pain syndromes. New chapters have been added on: hypertension, allergy, temporomandibular joint syndrome, memory loss/Alzheimer's, GERD/peptic ulcer disease, and chronic cough. Material on topics such as menopause, osteoporosis, obesity, breast cancer, and diabetes, has been thoroughly revised.SPECIFIC COUGH SYNDROMES Post-nasal drip (PND) is probably the most common cause of chronic cough. Patients ... What about patients who have GERD but do not reflux to the level that might lead to aspiration or irritation of the larynx?

Title:Primary Care of Women
Author:Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat
Publisher:Mosby Incorporated - 2002


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