Principle Of Elect.Engg. & Electronics (M.E.)

Principle Of Elect.Engg. & Electronics (M.E.)

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The General Response to the first edition of the book was very encouraging.The authors feel that their work has been amply rewarded and wish to express their deep sense of gratitude, in common to the large number of readers who have usedit, and in particular to those them who have sent helpful suggestions from time to time for the improvement of the book.To Ehance the utility of the book, it has been decided to bring out the multicolor edition of book.There are three salient features multicolor edition.A 4-pole, 250W, 115V, 60Hz capacitor-start induction motor takes a full load line current of 5.3A while running at 1760 r.p.m. If the full-load efficiency of the ... A.C. SERIES MOTOR OR UNIVERSAL MOTOR A d.c. series motor will rotate in the * same direction regardless of the polarity of the supply. ... The changes effected are : (i) The entire magnetic circuit is laminated in order to reduce the eddy currentanbsp;...

Title:Principle Of Elect.Engg. & Electronics (M.E.)
Author:V. K. Mehta, Rohit Mehta
Publisher:S. Chand - 2006-01-01


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