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The poppy. Opium. Morphine. Heroin. The Sumerians a€” thousands of years before the birth of Christ a€” knew of the powers of the wild poppy plant. Today 40% of the world's production is grown in Tasmania. The Poppy fields of this island state are the most secure in the world. Or are they? David Barron of the Federal Police is sent to check security and uncovers a seemingly simple plan to steal from the protected fields. Soon the simple plan becomes complex a€” murders, suicides, bribery a€” and a trail that leads into the ranks of the Federal Police itself. James Christie a€” captured by the police at the scene of a brutal killing a€” holds the key to ensuring that Barron can bring the case to a speedy conclusion. But Christie is whisked away in a daring gun battle outside Melbourne. Barron must work feverishly if he is to stop his work coming unravelled. First he has to find Christie, and a mysterious woman is going to make it difficult for him.Along with George Wallace, who had also been loaned to the Sydney Division for the three weeks, Christie had memorised ... from the houseplans they had been provided with, and the property itself, as a result of a couple of visits over the last few days. ... A guide and a tailor in Bangkok had eventually located the source.

Author:Stuart Jackson - 2013-11-19


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