Private Investigation and Security Science

Private Investigation and Security Science

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After providing an overview of the history and functions of private investigation and private security services, this book provides information and guidance on the knowledge and skills required of a private investigator, with attention to the use of the scientific approach. The first chapter describes the nature of private investigation, with attention to the evolution of the profession over the years, regulation of and standards for the profession, and the characteristic of an ideal private investigator and security specialist. Terrorism is portrayed as today's new threat with which security specialists must deal. The second chapter sets the stage for a scientific approach to the work of security and private investigation. It describes the scientific method, associated research techniques, logical reasoning, and how to improve one's memory. The scientific method is contrasted with unscientific methods. The third chapter focuses on human behavior. It contains discussions of the complexity of human behavior, personality theories, human needs, life stages, the differences between male and female brains, and what is qnormal.q A separate chapter addresses abnormal and criminal behavior. It considers mental disorders, evaluation of mental status, causes of abnormal behavior, the nature of criminal behavior, the use-of-force continuum, the prevention of workplace violence, and suicide prevention. A chapter on interviewing skills covers planning, the voice, listening skills, word use, interaction, conversational tactics, the cognitive interview, and stress interviews. Other chapters focus on the art of interrogation; writing skills; issues of leadership and management; court procedures and being a witness; and how the private investigator should manage his/her professional life in maintaining integrity and ethical behavior, in managing the media, and in fighting burnout.... 50 Ponzi scheme, 8 Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), 54 Posture, 106a€“ 107 Power, types, 125a€“126 Pragmatism, ... 147 Professional Certified Investigator (PCI), 9 Professionalism, 15a€“16, 18 Property protection, 7a€“8, 10, 29 Protection, anbsp;...

Title:Private Investigation and Security Science
Author:Frank MacHovec
Publisher:Charles C Thomas Publisher - 2006-01-01


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