Pro Arduino

Pro Arduino

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So, you've created a few incredible projects with Arduino, and now it's time to kick it up a notch. Where do you go next? With Pro Arduino, you'll learn about new tools, techniques, and frameworks to make even more ground-breaking, eye-popping projects. You'll discover how to make Arduino-based gadgets and robots interact with your mobile phone and with Unity3D. You'll learn all about the changes in Arduino 1.0, you'll create amazing output with OpenFrameworks, and you'll learn how to make games with the Gameduino. You'll also learn advanced topics, like modifying the Arduino to work with non-standard Atmel chips and Microchip's PIC32. Rick Anderson, an experienced Arduino developer and instructor, and Dan Cervo, an experienced Arduino gadgeteer, will give you a guided tour of advanced Arduino capabilities. If it can be done with an Arduino, you'll learn about it here. What youa€™ll learn How to modify the Arduino to work with other chips How to get started with the Android accessory development kit The changes in Arduino 1.0 How to create games with Gameduino How to use Unity3D with Arduino to control virtual objects How to connect your iPhone or Android phone to an Arduino sensor network Who this book is for Arduino fans, technogeeks, and electronic artists who want to take their skills to the next level.:etch Help Auto Format 3ApT AttinvBlinkAllPinsTe-st | Arduino 1.0.1 Archive Sketch Fix Encoding 8i Reload Serial Monitor 03ApM ATtiny84 ... 8 MHz (internal oscillator; BOD disabled) Burn Bootloader ten drr Serial Port Jmoin. ATtiny44anbsp;...

Title:Pro Arduino
Author:Rick Anderson, Dan Cervo
Publisher:Apress - 2012-12-12


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