Pro Core Data for iOS

Pro Core Data for iOS

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The power of Core Data allows iOS developers to efficiently store and retrieve application data using familiar object-oriented paradigms. Pro Core Data for iOS explains both how and why to use Core Data for data storage, from simple to advanced techniques. Covering common and advanced persistence patterns, this book prepares any iOS developer to store and retrieve data accurately and proficiently. Lots of iOS development books touch on Core Data, taking you through a few mainstream use cases for storing and retrieving data in your iOS applications. In Pro Core Data for iOS, however, we take you further into Core Data and show you how to leverage the power of this data framework. After reading this book, youa€™ll be able to answer all of these questions: What are all the parts of Core Data, and how do they interact? How do I create my own custom store? Should I use plain NSManagedObject instances or custom classes? How do I undo and redo Core Data actions? How do I filter, sort, and aggregate data? What is a€œfaulting, a€ and why should I care? Suppose I want to change my data model; how do I migrate my usersa€™ data? Pro Core Data for iOS delves into these and other Core Data questions. With explanations, diagrams, code samples, and working explanations, this book will make you a Core Data pro! What youa€™ll learn Organize data appropriately Persist data efficiently Use Applea€™s tools effectively Build Core Data applications Use Core Data in advanced settings Version and migrate data as your applications evolve Who this book is for All iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch developers whose applications manage any amount of data. Table of Contents Getting Started Understanding Core Data Storing Data: SQLite and Other Options Creating a Data Model Working with Data Objects Refining Result Sets Tuning Performance and Memory Usage Versioning and Migrating Data Using Core Data in Advanced ApplicationsIn this computer age, people have grown to hate hourglasses, spinning beach balls, and popa€”ups that say, a€œPlease Wait. ... working beats giving no such clue and letting customers think their computers have locked up, better still would be to never have episodes of slowness that make users wait. ... After the test runs, youa#39;ll see the start time, the stop time, the number of elapsed seconds for the test, and.

Title:Pro Core Data for iOS
Author:Michael Privat, Robert Warner
Publisher:Apress - 2011-01-27


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